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Maine Mission Trip Report

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

We just can't stay away from Boothbay! We sent another 7 church members to our partners at Anchor Church this summer! Our teams trained in evangelism together, developing techniques to share the Gospel when time is a tight factor. Many people in Boothbay, Maine are short-term visitors, staying only for the summer before traveling elsewhere to spend the rest of their year. As a result, it's critical for local missionaries to figure out how to build relationships and share the Gospel even when time is limited.

One of the core strategies for delivering the Gospel message is, as always, hands-on service. Our church members scraped and painted and hung drywall in a cabin, hammered cement off bricks so they could be recycled in a patio, distributed bags of candy to shop owners, volunteered at the local aquarium, and helped the local rotary club set up for a fundraiser auction. They did this because they could, because their needs were already met by Christ, and because they had love to share. When we experience the love of Christ, we are never short on the love we can pour out to others.

We want to thank the team at Anchor Church for welcoming us once again into their community, and the church members who went on this trip are asking others  to pray for their boldness and intentionality in their relationships moving forward. You can also support further missions work in Boothbay, Maine by giving to our Global Missions Offering (GMO), through which we support Anchor Church and several other partners worldwide.

For more information about Anchor Church, you can visit their website, follow them on Facebook, or speak with a member of the Acts 1:8 Team. For more information about the missions partners we support through the GMO, please click here.

Contributed by: Sarah Burnett

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