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Music Minister Application Step 1

Southside Baptist Church is a 115-year-old fellowship just south of the center of downtown Spartanburg. We are a Bible-believing, multi-generational church that puts a strong emphasis on youth and children's ministries. Southside is mission-minded, serving our Jerusalem (Spartanburg), Judea (South Carolina), Samaria (North America), and the Ends of the Earth (Overseas). We fund many missionaries and send our own people on short-term mission trips each year. The congregation is strong, stable, and personable. Southside's current Senior Pastor has served this church for almost twelve years, the Children's Minister ten years, and the former Music Minister ten years. We have an abundance of musical talent and, having surveyed our church, we are looking for someone who is technologically savvy, able to communicate and lead all ages, energetic, open-minded, and, of course, has a growing relationship with God. To apply, please answer the following questions and attach your resume.

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