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Over $3,000 Raised for Missions

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Last Saturday, over 200 members of the local community came together to shop at Southside’s Missions Market! We had a total of 42 local vendors, selling items such as jewelry, ornaments, beauty products, clothing, children’s toys, and more! 10 of the vendors were members of Southside. We also offered a hot dog lunch and country store, complete with a wide variety of homemade dessert items! All together, we raised over $3,000 for our Global Missions Offering (GMO) with this event. Those funds will go a long way to support our missions partners at home and abroad!

We would like to give a HUGE thank-you to the Acts 1:8 Team and the other volunteers who worked SO hard to make this event possible! It took a lot of time, coordination, and running around, and we’re so grateful that you were willing to do that work to make this happen. We’d also like to thank the many participating vendors and attending members of the community! We love getting to know you and serving alongside you, so thank you for joining us in this special missions project!

For more information on missions partners supported by the GMO, click here. To follow up with any church members who participated as vendors last Saturday, please find their contact information below:

* Abby Odom | Crochet |

* Dennis Harmon | Clocks & Pet Beds |

* Donna Kincade | Art & Authored Book |

* Elizabeth Enlow | Jewelry |

* Justin Uppole | Woodwork |

* Leigh Davis | Plexus |

* Lisa Watson | Foods & Gifts |

* Nina Kopf | Art & Jewelry |

* Sue Wolfe | Home Décor |

* Susan Collier | Monograms & Prints |

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