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Meet the Gideons

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

On the evening of May 15, 2019, we received a very special visit from The Gideons International. We have a few church members who are Gideons, and we gathered to learn more about their amazing ministry!

The Gideons began in 1908 as an association of Christian businessmen. Their intent was to evangelize to commercial travelers by placing Bibles in hotel rooms, but their mission rapidly grew. Today, the Gideons have delivered more than 2 billion Scriptures in more than 95 languages to over 200 countries, territories, and other regions across the planet.

To support their mission to get God's Word into as many hands as possible, you can pray with them, contribute financially, or share The Life Book through student ministries. For more details on the Gideons, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

Contributed by: Sarah Burnett

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