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Back From Prague

This summer, our own Natalie Cliver went back to Prague in the Czech Republic to serve as a missionary! This trip was facilitated by Cru at Clemson University, where Natalie attends. Several church members helped to raise financial support for Natalie, and she brought back a message of hope from her time overseas. Natalie and her peers hosted two or three events each week while on mission, inviting students to fellowship with them and learn about the love of Christ. She even got to celebrate with three new Czech friends who came to know Christ while she was there! Then she came home and shared photos and stories of inspiration from her trip with our own church’s children, to help them better understand the value and impact of missions.

For more information on her mission work in Prague, please speak directly with Natalie Cliver.

For more information on Cru at Clemson University, the campus ministry through which she served, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

Contributed by: Sarah Burnett

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